• Daniel Rudolph MD
  • Joshua Boldt MD
  • Erin Donovan RNCPNP
  • Laura Hotle RNCPNP
  • Sarah Ross APRNBC
  • Michelle Brown RNCPNP
  • Sean Rudolph ATC

35 Goodwin Drive, Festus, Missouri 63028

Office Phone: (636)-933-4141​​

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We are now using an online service provided by "QuickClick Patient Portal" to allow our patients and their families to make payments, toward their remaining balances, online with a credit or debit card! Please, take full advantage of this wonderful tool. Follow the link below to the website or find another link on our "Connect" page. Thank you everyone!

Now Accepting Online Payments!

Exceptional Care for Tots, Teens, and In-betweens

We are open during the week​ from 8:15 am to 11:45 am. CLOSED DAILY FOR LUNCH. Reopen at 12:45 pm til 4:15 pm.

​Located in two locations for your convenience

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If something were to happen after we have closed for the day we always have one of our providers on call to answer any questions you may have.


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​1309 Maple Street, Farmington, Missouri 63640

Office Phone: (573)-756-4343