We know that many families depend on the food that schools provide their children. Many schools our areas are still providing those services to those who need them. Here are the schools we have found that are doing their part to help.



  • https://abbottnutrition.com/store-locator (Similac, Pedialyte, Elecare, PediaSure, Ensure, Glucerna, Juven, etc.) or
  • https://similac.com/where-to-buy-similac
    • ​Select specific formula, enter Zip Code, and tool populates where to buy either on-line or in store.
    • Some stores show real-time availability, others state "Call for Availability" with the phone number of the store.
      • ​Note that some stores do not provide availability (i.e. Publix), with  our system showing Walmart, Target, CVS, and Walgreens as well as Amazon/Abbott Store.
    • ​​​If already in-store, ask customer service or store manager for any back-stock inventory.
    • Buy online



  • Live one-on-one feeding support for families, 1-800-986-8800


  • For Product order/delivery inquiries, 1-800-551-5838 


Updated Policies:

COVID 19 (Coronavirus)

More updates will come to follow.

For the safety and well being of all our families and patients, we are making some changes to our daily schedules. For the foreseeable future, our morning appointments will now be ONLY WELL VISITS and the afternoon appointments will be ONLY SICK VISITS. If you have already made an appointment for the afternoon for a Well Visit, you will be receiving a call to reschedule. We strongly urge those with prescheduled appointments to reschedule.
For those families coming in with coughs, of any kind, you will receive a medical grade mask to help contain the spread. Mask will ONLY be provided to those showing symptoms. Please note, that you may experience longer waiting times in rooms as we try to isolate our patients and get them into a room as quickly as possible.
Until further notice, SIBLING VISITS with at least, one SICK child will be seen only in the afternoon, regardless of well to sick child ratio.
Finally, if you or your child are experiencing any of the symptoms linked to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) ie. Cough, sore throat, fever. You must call the HOTLINE before contacting us.

If there is concern after contacting the hotline to call our office for further instruction.Thank you everyone for your cooperation during these difficult times. Please, understand that everything we do, we do with you and your children’s best interest in mind. As precaution to our staff, patients and families, we would like to ask that you refrain from bringing anyone extra to appointments to limit the exposure to any illness. If more than 1 adult is here and there are children not being seen by a provider, you will be asked to wait in the car. We have increased our cleaning, minimized interactions, and are doing our best to stay ahead of this virus. Thank you again!

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